21AW Chaigo X GOOD TIMES - Under The Bridge 介紹看這裡

21AW Chaigo X GOOD TIMES - Under The Bridge 介紹看這裡

When the term ‘graffiti’ is mentioned, what are the thoughts that come to mind? 

Is it radical art? Rebellion? Hip-hop culture? Vandalism? Street culture? 

Graffiti is deemed a controversial subject until today. 

From being hidden under bridges to being celebrated as high art, 

public opinion is changing with the times as graffiti plays a new role in society.


In the past, graffiti was a way of leaving inscriptions behind. 

Now graffiti is recognised as an art, a medium for graffiti artists to deliver their message. 

The graffiti artists of Malaysia have contributed a lot to the scene, both locally as well as internationally. 

Good Times is honoured to introduce our A/W 2021 collection.

‘Under the Bridge’, a collaboration with Kenji Chai – one of the renowned names in the graffiti scene. 

Kenji has extended his unique style of graffiti to our latest collection, making his artwork wearable and functional.


Applying our modus operandi as we have for all our previous collections, this collection entitled ‘Under the Bridge’

 is also inspired by music, movies and culture and then extended to clothing. 

The song ‘Under The Bridge’ by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, 

echoes the frontman – Anthony Kiedis’ 

time when he experienced deep solitude and alienated himself through his own struggles. 

The message of the song loosely relates to graffiti, a previously misconceived form of art.

Anthony Kiedis & John Frusciante - Under The Bridge (Amsterdam 1991) [HD]







本系列萬般榮幸的,有機會與馬來西亞塗鴉界的代表人物之一KENJI CHAI跨界聯名,



本次劃主題Under The Bridge(Red Hot Chilli Peppers歌曲)呼應塗鴉者的未成名階段都是在橋底下孤獨地耕耘,






品項包括撞色工作襯衫(可拆袖),撞色工作背心,工作長褲(可拆式),2款口袋T恤,撞色五分割帽,多口袋托特包和Nalgene 16oz 水瓶,足以應付日常所需。