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【INCODER】BUG eeyee goggles

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NT$ 10,880.00
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NT$ 10,880.00
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NT$ 10,880.00
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└ 美洲牛皮
└ KOALA義大利牛皮
└ 彩色鍍膜鏡片
└ 手工製作
INCODER re-role


This is a pre-order product, release date is approximately 3 weeks after your order confirmation.

“We took some effort to bring it back from the south. Yes, the world is vast and infinite."
"...for sure I can see that you only have one pair of eyes."
"You know what? Eyeglasses expand our eyesight, but they do more than simply let us see from inside out."
"This pair of spectacles is not just for your eyes."

Glasses are always protecting and enhancing our vision.

Perhaps you've noticed.

When you look out, you're also being looked by others‘ eyes.

Yes, now you are a BUG.


└ American cowhide leather
└ Italian cowhide leather by KOALA

└ Color- coated lenses
└ Handmade production