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Material:Nume Leather

@nodzoku.online が考えるこのマスクコードがファッショナブルな街に広がってゆくと少しだけポジティブになれると思いました。

There is surely "fashion" in any historical background, and there are colors, shapes, and styling that symbolize the times.
 "Medical mask" has become a must-have item on a global scale since 2020 last year.  Wearing a mask is becoming a social etiquette and manner in 2021 this year, and it is becoming a fashion item that expresses annoyance → individuality, and various colors and shapes are being released one after another.
 I think that things that are relentlessly pressed are evolving steadily with positive ideas, and that is also changing into accessories.
 I thought that this mask code, which @ nodzoku.online thinks, could be a little positive as it spreads to fashionable cities.
 While imagining a world that you can enjoy in the future.